Silver Sneakers

Jacksonville Silver Sneakers

Workouts need to adapt to your changing abilities as you get older. Onslow fitness has our senior members covered by offering Silver Sneakers classes at our fitness center in Jacksonville to make sure you stay fit and healthy in your golden years.Silver Sneakers classes are designed to offer fitness programs with exercises that are low impact on joints and muscles. Exercises can be adapted to fitness and ability level, and are done standing or seated with chairs using handheld weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a Silver Sneakers ball for resistance.

The benefits of Silver Sneakers classes are many: improved strength, balance, flexibility, mobility, and circulation all contribute to keeping you healthy and strong and prevent injuries.

Best of all, Silver Sneakers brings gyms and health insurance providers together to encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle. Check to see if your health insurance policy covers membership fees and Silver Sneakers classes at participating gyms like ours. We like to keep fitness affordable for our senior members!

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