Personal Training

The Benefits of One-on-One Training in Jacksonville

Nothing beats the assurance you get from working with a Personal Trainer at our Jacksonville gym – it helps you realize your potential and physical ability and builds your confidence and self-esteem.

Onslow Fitness employs personal trainers that have the education and training to help you meet all of your fitness goals. Our Certified Personal Trainers design a program just for you based on your goals, physical abilities/limitations, time constraints and budget. Trainers provide monthly assessments, dynamic warm-ups, corrective exercises, full body training, metabolic and mobility work. Everything we do for our clients has a specific desired result in mind. Whether you are looking to add some intensity to your current fitness routine or just getting started in the pursuit of your fitness goals, we can help develop a training program for you.

Experience our Expertise — The most important goal is to instill self confidence, self-esteem, and of course have fun!


Personal Training is for you if you are:

  • A beginner, intimidated by weight equipment and unsure of correct exercise technique.
  • Experienced and training hard but not getting the desired results.
  • Needing to lose body fat.
  • Having a hard time sticking with a program.
  • Bored with your present routine.
  • Injured or suffering from a medical condition.
  • Wanting to train for a special event.
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