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Water is a safe and effective place of exercise for most people who otherwise have trouble working out, due to the adverse effects of impact on their muscles and joints and/or ailments or injuries of their lower extremities.

The resistive properties of water provide a low-impact setting to receive the same benefits of strength, aerobic, balance and flexibility training outside of the water. Yet, the buoyancy decreases the impact on your joints by up to 90%! For this reason, water resistance training at our Jacksonville gym can be beneficial for just about anyone, but particularly for those with injuries or more mature, fragile or at risk skeletal and muscular structures.*

At Onslow Fitness, our aqua fitness classes blend these components in a fun group setting to ensure your workouts are fun, fresh, dynamic and safe. When the pool is not in use for class, all members are able to enjoy the cross-training benefits of water resistance training during staffed hours.

As a heated salt water pool (heated to 87 degrees), ours has some additional benefits such as:

    • SKIN. Salt water increases moisture retention, leaving your skin feeling much more hydrated than a 100% chlorine pool, which can be very drying. Salt water also detoxifies and promotes cellular regeneration. Studies show that salt water gradually improves skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis and acne.
    • STRESS RELIEF. Salt water reduces the inflammation of joints and muscles, leaving your body feeling relaxed and stress-free.
    • POST WORKOUT DISCOMFORT. Salt water contains bromide. This mineral helps in relieving muscle pains and soreness. The potassium present is also beneficial because your blood needs it after exercise.
    • OTHER HEALTH BENEFITS. Studies show that salt water aides in the restoration of the body’s natural balance and promotes natural self-healing. When you swim in saltwater at our gym in Jacksonville, it stimulates your blood circulation which is great for your health. Additionally, the magnesium helps supports a healthy nervous system.

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* Warning: Consult your physician before beginning a water resistance training program, particularly when you have serious medical concerns such as seizures, or you are taking medications that may cause fainting.

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